Bobby Leaves the Band

We are greatly saddened today to announce that our founding member and brother, Bobby Williamson, is leaving the band due to health reasons:

After 5 fun years with Eumeria, I unfortunately have to announce my departure from the band. Due to the discomfort from a hip and lower back ailment, it has become very difficult to concentrate on music the past few months. This ailment has plagued me for too long and can no longer be ignored. I have many fond memories of working with the guys over the last 5 years and I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish with just one album release! The band looks to be heading in a promising direction and I will support them in any way I can. I will heal over time, then get back to making music again!

We're happy that his back issues let up enough for him to make the Progressive Nation at Sea cruise, and that we were all able to share the experience. This takes effect immediately, so Bobby won't get to make the trip to England for UK Tech-Metal Fest this year. The departure is completely amicable; Bobby remains a big part of the Eumeria family, and we all have his best interests at heart.

Now that the unpleasant bit is out of the way, we do have a rather good bit: We are truly stoked to announce that we are currently working on material for the next album with keyboardist Matt Guillory of James Labrie & Dali's Dilemma and things are going rather smashing so far! While he won't be performing with us at UK TechFest, you will hear some of his playing in the backing tracks along with Bobby's. 

Onward and upward!


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