Eumeria appoint new Bassist Derek Blakely

Eumeria are excited to announce that bassist, Derek Blakley (of Hajis Kitchen/Thought Chamber), has joined the band permanently.

Derek recently cut his teeth live with Eumeria in Houston, Texas and the Mike Portnoy founded Progressive Nation at Sea Cruise 2014, helping the band to put on a great live show for the Eumeria fans.

Derek also performed on several songs from the Eumeria debut album Rebel Mind as well as having worked with Bobby (Williamson) in Thought Chamber, so there was an immediate chemistry that gave renewed focus to the band musical direction going forward.

With Derek in place we are really looking forward to getting our teeth into the writing of the second album! So please give Derek a warm Eumerian welcome!

We would like to wish our original bassist and good friend, Shawn Kascak, all the best with his future projects.

New band photos to come soon!

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