News Update!

Lots cool things have been happening in and around the Eumeria camp over the past year (can't believe its been that long since our last news report)! Some that we can mention are that both Reece and Kev have secured new Endorsement deals, Reece with EMG Pickups and Kev with Duallist drum pedals :-)

Believe us when we say that the new material is putting the EMG pickups and Duallist D3 drum pedals through their respective paces!

Kev had this to say about Duallist pedals: "I'm proud to be associated with such an innovative and forward thinking company such as Duallist, their kick drum pedals play so smoothly but pack a meaty punch.  I'm using the Duallist D3 Triple Pedal and hope to use them to come up with some inventive kick rhythms on our future material"

Meanwhile Reece has been trying out the 57-7H / 66-7H pickup set in a brushed chrome finish!

Reece had this to say "These pickups are so punchy and thick in the low end, with a sharp attack! Maintaining a slightly lower output, higher mid-range balance and less compression than the original 707 and 817 pickups".

Click HERE to see Reece demonstrating the Pickups on YouTube.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates shortly!Thanks


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